Introducing the Bomber IPA Series

The new Bomber IPA Series can be described in one word, balance. As balance has been the mantra from the outset, we believe it helps to set our brews apart. 

Our Pilsner would have a strong malt aroma in balance with Noble hop aroma, sweet malt mouthfeel in balance with spicy hop bitterness.

Our Pale Ale would have a strong hop aroma but what bitterness was there would be balanced by a pleasant malty body.

Our IPA would be extremely hop-forward in aroma and bitterness but there would need to be enough sweetness, malts, and alcohol to balance that bitterness so it makes sense, not just bitter because it is an IPA, but bitter because the beer calls for it. 

With much creativity and innovation for hoppy, hazy, and juicy beers, our brewers have been adamant from the outset that our beers would be balanced.  

There has arguably been no other style in recent years that has seen the sheer amount of innovation and adaptation to new ingredients as the IPA. Be it session IPAs, red IPAs, Black IPAs, Hazy IPAs, Sour IPAs, Brut IPAs, etc; as soon as some new ingredient or technique comes along the market, IPAs tend to be the first place of experimentation. 

With our new Bomber IPA series, this sense of innovation and experimentation is what we’re most excited about and are looking forward to celebrating with each and every sip.

The seemingly endless options for IPAs mean that we can get as basic or as creative as we want, as whimsy strikes us, and always have something different coming up to try. We’re excited to introduce to you, our drinkers, more and more styles each season.

Looking forward to introducing you to our new IPA series, with new releases each season.


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