Bomberito Taqueria

Our vision with Bomberito Taqueria is to showcase traditional Mexican fare for patrons of the brewery, the neighbourhood, and those that simply pass by.
The ingredients we use, such as the achiote in our al pastor taco, and the tallow in our frijoles keep us honest and true to the original recipes. Corn tortillas, house-made salsas and chorizo, and our very own chicharrón allow us to create satisfying flavours all available from our taco truck.
We love Mexican food. We love beer. We love Mexican food paired with beer.

Now open daily from 12 to 9pm. Located outside of Bomber Brewing at 1488 Adanac Street. 

Tacos - meat  4.75 veg 4.50
Bowl - meat 14.50 veg 12 (base of rice & beans)
Quesadilla - meat 18 veg 14

Tacos & beer - 17 (3 tacos & 16oz draught)

Al pastor spiced pork, pineapple, cilantro, onion
Tinga de pollo
chipotle braised chicken, pickled onion, jalapeno crema, cilantro
Carne asada
marinated steak, avo verde, cilantro, onion, lime
on rotation
Vegan chorizo
ancho chile, potato, cilantro
pinto beans, epazote, cotija cheese, pickled jalapeno



Quesadilla los ninos

plain cheese
juice box


Chips & salsa corn tortilla, house salsa taquero 5


Bomberito salsas
$0.75 each

Salsa verde
avocado, tomatillo mild
Pasilla chile hot sauce
pasilla, tomato mild
Salsa taquera
chiles de arbol, tomato
Habanero pineapple hot sauce
tomatillo, habanero, pineapple



Jarritos 5
Coca cola mexicana 5
Squirt 5



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